Breakfast Service

Healthy breakfast every day!

Nutritious Chia Pudding Jars delivered to your door!

Morning is a wonderful time! We start a new day full of challenges and excitement! Let us help you enjoy it a bit more by taking care of your breakfast! These colorful chia pudding jars will increase your mood and energy level!

Eat it at home with your family or grab it to go!

Chia is a very special food, loaded with fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients which provide your body with various health benefits, ranging from weight loss to reduced inflammation.

Fill with natural sweeteners only

Insane amount of fiber
Crazy nutritious

No artificial preservatives

Cholesterol free

Hight in protein and Omega 3

No artificial colouring


Sample kit

3 jars of your choice
Size: 250 ml

Storage : 5 days
Price: $30


Only available for first time customers 


Small Jars 

Size: 250 ml 
Price: $10 per jar
Storage : 5 days

Delivery: Toronto area only: 10 jars and more  - free 
 Less than 10 jars  or GTA:  contact us

Family of 3 * 4 days * $10 = $120


Big Jars

Size: 500 ml

Price: $15 per jar 

Storage : 5 days
Delivery :Toronto area only: 10 jars and more  - free  
Less than 10 jars  or GTA:  contact us

Family of 3  * 4 days * $15 = $180


  • Tropical coconut chia pudding with mango puree and kiwi   (coconut milk) 

  • Chocolate chia pudding with banana blackberry cream and strawberries (cashew milk) 

  • Raspberry-blueberry chocolate chia pudding  ( soy milk) 

  • Matcha & vanilla green tea mint chia pudding (coconut milk) 

  • Coffee chia pudding with cashew creme (coconut creme, cashew milk)

  • Cinnamon apple chia pudding with granola (almond milk) 

  • Peanut butter banana chocolate chia pudding  with peanuts (almond milk)

  • Pumpkin pie chia pudding with ginger and cinnamon (soy milk)

  • Spinach kale  chia pudding with orange (almond milk) 

  • Pina Colada chia pudding with pineapple (coconut creme, coconut milk) 

  • Strawberry jam  chia pudding with quinoa goji berries  (cashew milk) 

  • Carrot cake chia & overnight oats jar (almond milk) 

You can choose any milk you prefer : coconut, almond, cashew, rice, soy.